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                ABOUT CHOHO

                Qingdao Choho Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the domestic chain drive industry. Chain transmission is one of the three transmission systems, widely used in motorcycles, automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, logistics and storage, escalators, food and drug machinery, light industry machinery, petrochemicals and other fields .

                • 1999

                  Founded in 1999

                • 1500+

                  The number of employees is 1500+

                • 24

                  Industry standard number 24

                • 150

                  More than 150 national patents

                • 8.06

                  The total revenue is 806 million


                • DACHANGJIANG
                • HONDA
                • YAMAHA
                • SUZUKI
                • CFMOTO
                • QJMOTOR
                • KNORR
                • CLAAS
                • LOVOL
                • Haier
                • SiWUN
                • ...